The Best Vaping Kit For Experienced And Beginner Vapers

Whether experienced in vaping or just starting out, choosing a vape can be daunting and you may not know the best choice for you, we’re here to help with that and have a list of amazing quality vapes. A vaping kit is a great way to get everything you need as a beginner or a fun change for those who experienced vaping.

Best Vaping Kit

Aspire Pockex – £25


The Aspire PockeX is an elegant all in one e-cig kit, with a 1500mAh internal battery and integrated 2ml e-liquid tank. With top airflow, top filling and a leak-resistant design, this is a great all-around e-cig kit. These high-quality vapes come in a variety of colours – matte black, rose gold, pantone white and stainless steel.

This vape will easily slip into your pocket making it perfect for those who travel a lot or don’t like to keep bags on them. The vape is designed to be lightweight and simple to store. The sleek design is perfectly comfortable to hold in your hand whilst taking a puff. The long-life battery means users will experience up to a full day of vaping between charges, with an inbuilt LED acting as a battery life indicator. When you need to charge the PockeX, simply use the USB lead that’s included with the kit.

Featuring top filling to make refilling a simpler task, unscrewing the top of the PockeX tank will remove both the cap and the coil itself. Fill up to the max line printed on the device, to stop leaking and to ensure your coils stay saturated.

This vaping kit contains:

X1 Pockex AIO device

X2 O.6 ohm 316l atomizers

X1 USB cable

X1 User manual

X1 Warranty Card

Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen – £4.99 or three for £12


The most important aspect of a disposable Vape Pen is delivering quality taste and flavour in a small device. Many disposable e-cigs have smaller batteries due to the size and intended use – a smaller battery can lead to underwhelming taste – but not so with our Vape Pen. We crammed a 350mAh battery into the small device which delivers ample power for the 400 puffs our disposable offers. Using premium organic cotton and a high-quality coil further improve the overall taste.

Including Dinner Lady’s award-winning Lemon Tart and the popular Strawberry Macaroon, the Desserts Vape Pen range is inspired by traditional British desserts. Both Lemon Tart and Strawberry Macaroon provide an excellent flavoured vape that satisfies vapers with a sweet tooth.

The Fruits range includes a brand-new Fruit Mix formulation that blends red berries, grapes, currants and citrus fruits for the ultimate fruit vape.

Responding to the popularity of the Ice flavour range, the Vape Pen is available in six Ice flavours, including Citrus Ice, Mango Ice, Strawberry Ice, Banana Ice, Bubblegum Ice and a twist on the classic sweet formulation – Lemon Sherbet Ice. Incorporating kool ade for a cool and icy exhale, all Ice flavours provide a refreshing vaping experience.

With a 1.5ml prefilled e-liquid tank containing 20mg of nicotine salt e-liquid, each vape provides the equivalent of 3mg of nicotine per vape. Utilising premium nic salt e-liquid, Dinner Lady’s Vape Pen provides a smooth throat hit with enhanced flavour and discreet cloud production for a mouth to lung (MTL) style vaping experience that most closely resembles the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette.

Equipped with a bespoke 1.6ohm organic cotton coil and an impressive grade A, Li-Ion 350mAh battery, this disposable pen provides up to 400 puffs – the equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes – for a simple and convenient vape that is designed to help you transition from smoking to vaping with ease.

We use a 20mg nicotine strength for the devices so they are most comparable to a cigarette – the nicotine salts used to enter the bloodstream in a similar way to tobacco meaning cravings are more quickly satisfied.

Key features of these vapes include:

Charged and ready to vape straight out of the box

• Up to 40 puffs – the equivalent of 20 cigarettes

• Slim and discreet aluminium design with a premium metallic finish

• Comfortable and ergonomic food-grade mouthpiece

• No fuss, no leaks, no refilling

• Sealed for freshness

Best Vaping Kit

Caliburn Pod Kit – £24.99


The Uwell Caliburn pod kit is easy to use and great for both new and existing vapers. A straightforward, ergonomic design makes the unit easy to hold, whilst the generous 520mAh battery helps to elevate the Caliburn above competitors in its class to provide superior battery life. A handy LED indicator allows the remaining charge to be viewed at a glance, whilst the built in protection features will keep you vaping safe.


The Uwell Caliburn uses a dual output system, which means vapour can be produced simply by inhaling on the device, or by pressing the power button located on the side of the body. A fault diagnosis function can identify any issue with the auto draw switch due to dirt or debris and will revert you to the button activation until the blockage has been removed. The Caliburn can be locked for safety by pressing the power button 5 times, and the convenient micro USB port allows for fast and efficient recharging.

Best Vaping Kit

Key features of these vape pods:

  • Size: 110×21.2×11.6mm
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy, PP, PC, ABS
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery: 520mAh (internal)
  • Output: 11W (max)
  • Pod resistance: 1.4ohm
  • Button or automatic fire control
  • Fault diagnosis function
  • Top-fill pods
Best Vaping Kit

Vuse Epod 2 Kit – £11.99


Meet the upgraded Vuse ePod 2‚ the newest device designed for on-the-go moments with fast charge & a modern angular finish.

Fast charge in 35 minutes, it’s the fastest ePod yet, that you can even charge and vape at the same time. And when you need to charge on the go, you can pair the device with the portable charging case, specifically designed for the ePod 2.

The Vuse ePod 2 is a pocket-sized pod mod and has been redesigned with an angular shape. It comes in 4 metallic colours with a soft-touch finish. With in-built quiet draw technology and puff activation, all you need to do is take a puff and you’re vaping.

There are multiple nicotine salt flavours available for the ePod 2 in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg strengths. The Vuse pods come with ceramic wick technology to deliver a consistent vape.

The overall enhanced design is not just cosmetic, with Vuse adding water resistance to help prevent damage caused by an accidental drop into the water. The ePod 2.0 uses easy-click pods prefilled with a range of tasty nic salt flavours to choose from and is also compatible with any original Vype branded ePod prefilled pods.

A quiet draw activation system is also built-in to the ePod 2 device, which helps to eliminate the noise levels produced while vaping. This is a great way to minimize disruption when vaping around others and makes the device well suited for use almost anywhere.

These vapes are all available on our website and arrive with free, first-class delivery when you spend over £30.