Sweet Vape Flavours That You Need To Try

Often vaping is all about the flavour, one of the most enjoyable parts of smoking your vape is tasting a familiar and favourite flavour. If you have a sweet tooth we have a variety of yummy flavours to hit your throat with bursting flavour with every puff of the vape you take!

flavor vape

Frukt Cyder


Frukt Cyder is a juicy mouth-watering vape juice that offers a refreshing taste. This e-liquid will remind you of the hot summer days and tastes even better when smoked under the warm sun, relaxing you with great taste and a beautiful day.

This line of vape liquid offers a variety of bursting, fun summer flavours:


Ripe mango and wild raspberries combine to create the ultimate summer vibe! A truly delicious vape with both fruits clearly identifiable on both the inhale and exhale, this fruit cider inspired flavour is unlike anything you have tried before!


This classic cider flavour has been expertly recreated in vape form. A combination of wild berries including blueberries and raspberries will leave you refreshed and craving more of this fresh and juicy beer garden favourite!


The fragrance of ripe passion fruit is instantly recognisable in this crisp all-day vape. A sweet, tropical infused flavour with a unique cider twist is perfect in all weathers!


One of the greatest all-time fruit cider flavours, Strawberry & Lime is a sweet, refreshing vape bursting with flavour which will instantly have you longing for those summer days in the beer garden!


The juiciest plums are perfectly complimented by freshly-picked, crisp red apples in this beautifully refreshing new addition to our classic cider range.



Packed with juicy, refreshing sweetness, you can enjoy the comfort of this expert blend of juicy peaches and delicious apricots all year round, come rain or shine.

mixed up sweets vape

Mix-Up Sweets


This line of vape juice offers a tasty range of nostalgic British sweets, from strawberry laces to fizzy cola bottles, there’s a taste to remind every British kid of their childhood.

Strawberry Laces

A juicy and sweet, rich flavoured Strawberry Laces e-liquid. When vaping you can be taken back to your childhood, eating tons of strawberry laces one after another, and now you can experience the nostalgia from your vape.

Aniseed Chew

This liquid tastes just like a full-bodied, Aniseed chew bar. It’s so close to the real thing, you may have to check your tongue. Aniseed chew is a classic and a perfect taste to be vaping, with the nostalgic and strong taste you’ll want to keep this liquid around forever.

Banana Foams

This liquid is the profound and popular Banana cream foam sweet that’s bursting with flavour. All the banana sweet lovers out there will have a blast being able to experience the amazing taste from the comfort of their vape.


A tasty and creamy milk flavour with a sweet-sharp raspberry twist just like the lollipop, it will be like eating the real thing but instead, you can experience it from your vape. Alongside the sweet taste you, and anyone around you can smell the yummy raspberry lollipop, it will be sure to make you hungry.

Fizzy Cola Bottles

The liquid provides the awesome sweet-tangy bottles of Fizzy Cola. Cola bottles are by far the most iconic British sweet available, even kids today love the tangy taste. Imagine the bursting flavour and sweet smell releasing as you vape.

Pear Drops

Your vape can taste just like the hard-boiled sweets that leave you with the lingering taste of please thank pear!

Ice Pastilles

Just like the Inspired UK Sweet ice pastilles, this vape Liquid consists of fruity sweets with some crushed ice for a cool vape!

Strawberry Refresh

This flavour is the ultimate sweet and sour berry zest mix! Just like the fizzy berry chew stick! For all the sour lovers out there this is the perfect vape liquid for you and will leave your taste buds dancing.

Bubblegum Billions

The jaw-dropping combination of bubblegum with a sweet aftertaste will have you wanting more! One of the most popular and nostalgic sweets around can be right in your vape.

breakfast vape

Pancake Man

This pancake flavoured vape liquid is perfect for all the sweet tooth breakfast lovers. Taste classic pancakes with strawberries and syrup from your vape! Alongside pancakes you can taste classic french toast coated in syrup! Some of the liquids available are:

Pancake Man Original

Tasty fluffy Pancakes with butter, topped with strawberry & whipped cream and drizzled with maple syrup. Now everyday can be pancake day!

Pancake Man Reload

The original flavour from Vape Breakfast Classics, Pancake Man, has now been reloaded! Softly baked cookie butter pancakes served with a drizzle of maple syrup and topped off with strawberries!

French Dude Deluxe

The original French Dude was a syrup topped, blueberry and whipped cream on toast. This new deluxe version is an absolute treat and includes fruit pebbles, marshmallows and vanilla ice cream!

French Dude Reload

Imagine a golden fluffy slice of toast drizzled with maple syrup on the inhale and topped off with whipped cream and a burst of juicy blueberries on the exhale. Vape this tasty American breakfast today!




For those who love coffee with a sweet twist and vaping these are the perfect vape liquids for you! Whether it’s a sweet syrup, mounds of whipped cream or sweet ingredients there’s a sweet coffee liquid for you.


This vape liquid provides you with a coffeehouse classic, taking a rich, bold coffee base and adding in a shot of sweetened Hazelnut syrup and a splash of milk makes this coffee have a nutty, creamy edge.


This liquid is ideal for those with a sweet tooth who enjoys the creamy blend of banana and coffee. Who needs coffee when you can taste it straight from your vape?

vapella short fills

Vapella Shortfills


For all the milkshake, fruit juice and slushie lovers these vape liquids are the perfect hit of fresh and juicy tastes to fill your mouth. There are six unique and bursting flavours available for you to vape!

Green slush

This vape liquid tastes of sweet, sharp and sour green apples. For sour slushie lovers, this is the perfect liquid to get your taste buds tingling when having a vape!


Strawberry watermelon

The strawberry flavour has a sweet and juicy taste, with the watermelon adding light and enjoyable aftertaste. The ice on exhale creates a smooth finish and leaves a nice feel in your mouth and the air.


Mango pineapple peach

Succulent Mango, with fresh pineapple, and juicy peach is a taste that will leave you wanting more. This flavour makes your vape feel even more refreshing and fun.


Exotic solero

Tangy exotic fruit with a hint of vanilla ice cream, what more could you want?


Strawberry milkshake

A creamy and sweet strawberry milkshake right from your vape! Taste the classic milkshake and smell the sweetness as it releases from your vape.


Strawberry pomegranate and kiwi ice

Juicy strawberry with pomegranate, with chilling kiwi ice, is a refreshing and fun taste that will leave your taste buds tingling.

double dip

Double Drip


Double drip coil sauce offer multiple sweet flavours to satisfy your taste buds!

Fizzy cherry cola bottles

Fizzy cherry cola bottles offer a classic sweet from our childhoods right from our vape, with the tingling sensation it gives your mouth you’ll never get bored!

Mango raspberry ice-cream

For all the fruit ice-cream lovers this vape oil is an absolute dream, you can easily satisfy your ice cream cravings with a simple puff of your vape!

Raspberry sherbert

All the sherbert lovers who vape will absolutely love this sour and tangy vape liquid to satisfy their tastebuds!

Strawberry laces and sherbert

Those lovers of sherbert can up their game by combing it with the iconic taste of strawberry laces!

All these sweet, sour and refreshing liquids can be found from our shop, satisfy your taste buds alongside that sweet tooth today!