How to spot a fake disposable.

The UK market is becoming saturated with illegally imported fake vape devices. Here is how to check you vape device is the real deal.

How to spot a fake disposable.


What’s the problem with fake vapes? They are cheaper, they come with less overheads like branding, and they taste the same – right? Except that illegally imported rip-offs don’t go through safety checks. They don’t have the battery safety standards of UK manufacturers. Worse, the chemicals within them are unregulated. Those scare stories you read about in the news where kids get sick from vaping are not caused by branded devices. They happen when illegally imported devices containing harmful chemicals fall into the hands of the unaware.

Learning how to spot a fake vape device could save you from a terrible accident. Here is our how to guide, along with instructions on where to buy safe disposable vape devices in England and Wales.

How to Spot a Fake Vape Device

Not all fake vapes are disposable, but we are focusing on them because you are more likely to research a permanent product since it costs more. The rules for spotting a fake vape device and a fake disposable remain the same.

How to spot a fake disposable.
Check the Details

Look at the label as your primary source of information. The lettering should be clear, not blurred, without any bleed over the images. Colours should be vivid and bright. There should be clear sell by dates on the packaging. It should tell you what is in the vape juice. Most disposable vapes have a box containing this information, or a branded stand which tells you all you need to know at the point of sale.

Serial numbers show the position of the manufactured item within its product series. All legitimate products within a production line have serial numbers. If you are doubting your product, you can contact the manufacturer to verify if your product is legitimate.

It is important to note that the information on the packaging might also be incorrect. In this case, it is best to do some online research about the product and the manufacturer or opt to avoid that specific product.

How to spot a fake disposable.
Branding is a Big Clue

Not only should the seller have some of the corporate branding belonging to the vape company, these should be accurate. There are too many brands who rip off well known counterparts by changing small details about the logo and fooling customers. Be extra wary and pay more attention to the brands you do know and love.

Be Wary of Social Media Ads

Too many fake vape products come from clicks to third party sites in your social media feed. If you shop for certain items, the clever marketing algorithm in your favourite social media platform will pick up on that and show you ads for related items. Not all of these ads are for real companies. Use a trusted firm instead. Preferably a vape shop with multiple stores and a long term presence.

Health Warnings

UK disposable vapes and nicotine containing products must have a health warning label on them by law. If the packaging does not contain health warnings, then you can be sure it is a fake. London Fire Brigade recommend you look for safety symbols and warnings on any vape device that you buy to avoid the possibility of fire. You can learn more about vape device battery safety on the Vape Direct blog.

Where to Buy Reliable Vape Devices in England?

Don’t let the fraudsters catch you out. When you pay for a vape device or disposable vape, you expect a quality product. Instead of picking your vape devices up at the local market, head to a legitimate specialist vape shop, these will generally have multiple quality suppliers with network connections built over years. At VAPELLA we can bring you great deals like 6 for £25 on disposables along with a guarantee that you that you won’t get duped.


How to spot a fake disposable.